Unlocking the Benefits of WhatsApp for Health and Well-being

WhatsApp X Wellness – How WhatsApp Can Help You Stay Healthy

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows you to communicate with others privately. In addition, it has several features that help you stay healthy and safe.

Despite controlling for news exposure, subscription to the government channel was associated with lower depression symptoms, suggesting that it may boost psychological resilience by providing official information fast and cutting down on rumors.

2. Reduce your stress

Talking to friends and family about your concerns can help reduce stress levels. Make sure to schedule in one connection a day – even if it’s just a short chat.

Digital technology has been used to disseminate government health messages during the COVID-19 pandemic, and messenger apps have been a popular channel for this information. This study aims to (1) assess well-being during the outbreak and replicate previous findings linking exposure to news and rumors with psychological distress, and (2) determine whether trust in official WhatsApp channels mitigates risk. Results: Depression and anxiety symptoms were associated with increased time spent receiving updates, but only if this was combined with subscription to the official WhatsApp channel.

5. Stay connected

Use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family. You can also follow official health updates, like those from the World Health Organization and your country’s ministry of health.

You can also set custom alerts for individual contacts. Just tap the contact’s name when viewing a chat thread, then select Custom Notifications and pick a tone. You can also export a conversation for reference.

Want to mute the chatter of a chatty group conversation or stop your friends from knowing when you’ve read their messages? You can do that by adjusting your last seen settings. You can also turn off autosave for photos and videos, which will save space on your phone. You can find these settings on your iPhone or Android device by opening a chat and tapping the gear icon.

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