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The toolkits below are designed to provide ideas on how you can incorporate the 5210 message  into your curriculum. You are welcome to create your own strategies, activities and educational materials as well. You can find additional links under the Resources section.

Promotional Materials
The Capital Area Wellness Coalition will provide you with posters or you can print them on your own. Please contact us if we can assist you.

5210 Girl Hippity Hop Poster
5210 Boy Soccer Poster
5210 Girl Ballerina Poster
5210 Teen Poster
Multi Poster Combination
Full Page 5210 Poster
Half Page 5210 Poster

5210 Messages for All Age Groups
Healthy Party Sign Up Form
Ideas for Non-Food Celebrations
Ideas for Healthy Snacks
What’s a Healthy Portion
Promote Healthy Viewing Habits
Ditch the Phone
Healthy Sleep
Make Your Own Sugar Bottle Display
Water is Fuel
Get at Least One Hour
Take It Outside

Tracking Sheets
Goal Tracker for Fruits and Vegetables
Goal Tracker for Less Screentime
Goal Tracker for More Physical Activity
Goal Tracker for Less Soda and Sugary Beverages
Complete Wellness Tracker

Child Care Toolkit

School Age Toolkit




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